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Together, we  transform healing  through building community.

Healing U. exists to facilitate full healing through creating community, accountability and education.

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Did a health challenge change your life?

You did exactly what you were “supposed” to do on your healthcare journey.  You walked through treatment and doctor reccomendations with strength and determination and, gratefully, got back to everyday life determined to live with fresh meaning and joy.

But something is different.  Something inside you has changed.    

You desire greater health and meaning in your life, and friends who understand what you’ve experienced.  You want feel happy, but instead you feel lonely, isolated and like no one really understand you.

At Healing U., we get it.

Navigating life after experiencing health challenges can be lonely, confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

You can feel healthy, vibrant and connected again. 

It is common to experience anxiety, fear, depression and fatigue after experiencing health challenges.  It is also possible to live with fresh meaning, purpose, authenticity and light.


At Healing U. we believe that health challenges are an open window to full healing, health and prosperity. We know that...


How U. Eat    |    How U. Think    |    How U. Act    |    How U. Create    |    How U. Rest    |    How U. Believe

. . . impacts How U. heal.

Welcome!  I’m Sera, a survivor and healthcare innovator that believes full healing is possible for everyone.

I facilitate healing community for women who have experienced health challenges to share their challenges, exchange their stories, and awaken to the learning one is invited to in such a life changing diagnosis.  I do this because it healed me.

Community is a healing gift we give ourselves when we allow others to say

“me too.”


Knowing & Doing Are Totally Different

Healing Sister, You can know all you need to know about living a healthier life, eating better, exercising more, and having better relationships, but until you put it into practice, its just knowledge and it’s not helping you LIVE healthier. I used to hang out in the self-help section of Barnes and Noble on the…


How Healing Can Help You Find Your Passion

Healing Sister, When we are faced with health challenges, we are offered an invitation to profound healing in our lives – not just of the physical pain, but of emotional wounds, too.  The gifts from our walk through healing can be more patience, faith, trust and, even, joy. Do you believe your health challenges can…


What is a woman to do with anger?

How do you experience anger? Do you cry? Yell? Withdrawal? Punch? Scream? Do you even feel the anger? Recently, I got to talk to Sage Hobbs, host of the Naked Conversations Podcast, about what a woman is to do with anger.  My healing journey has taught me how much I avoid feeling emotions and have most…