Let’s change the healthcare experience together.

As a healthcare professional, you have a vision to change the healthcare experience for your patients.

With a unique approach to serving your patients, you prioritize what is right for your patients healing over what feels easy. 

You believe in your vision and know the impact it can make, but right now, you could use some support.

  • You want more time for your patients and yourself.
  • You want more patients to guide through full healing.
  • You want to create more impact in the world.

It is  possible with intention, design and implementation to:

  • Create a foundation for a sustainable, high impact integrative business model

  • Gain a clear sense of direction + take action with measurable goals to meet what patients need and offer healthcare you believe in

  • Attract powerful partnerships & referral sources

It’s clear that the service you provide takes more time, different tools than traditional healthcare and a deep understanding of the whole patient experience.  You want to dive deeper with patients and heal their root problems, not just the symptoms.

You believe that healing needs more than a 10 minute appointment and Rx to be filled and you believe that all patients should have access to full healing. 

The problem is, this approach in health care doesn’t fit a standard model.  Just like your patients are unique, your model is unique. 

Your vision of whole person healthcare is possible.

I get it.  I have been frustrated, outraged and totally inspired by healthcare, too.  After a crooked and (way too) long healing journey from the diagnosis of cancer at the age of 26, I went on a mission to use my business and marketing skills to change the way healthcare was delivered.  I left my senior role in finance and plunged into healthcare administration at a major oncology health system to learn all I could about patient empowered care and really delivering what it is that heals. 

I knew what healed me:  physicians spending time with me, listening and addressing not only my disease, but my lifestyle, my choices and my beliefs.  Over the last 13 years, I have been committed to raising up unique practitioners that elevate and focus on empowering patients to make lifestyle changes that not only heals their immediate needs, but transforms their lives. 

I have built powerful partnerships, both domestically and internationally, that transformed not only healthcare models, but most importantly patients health and wellbeing outcomes.  My speciality is supporting innovative healthcare leaders and organizations to build relationships and create revenue streams focused on whole patient care.  I partner with those willing to create business models that push the boundaries on healing and deliver, without apology, exactly what patients need for healing. 


Previous employers and clients include major hospitals and clinics like Cancer Treatments Centers of America and Casey Health Institute, to stand alone solo- practitioners.  I also work directly with patients to support their well being through my work with Healing U.  Healing U. keeps me grounded and focused on the patient experience because I believe by listening to patients we will always get the healthcare equation right.

I offer my services in a variety of packages to serve unique practices.  Whether you are a hospital system, clinic, foundation or solo-practitioner, let's talk about where you are and where you want to be.  My specialty lies in taking passion + purpose driven ideas and turning them into revenue producing ventures to impact healthcare change....and most importantly, patients lives.

See what past clients have to say:

Working with Sera is exactly what we needed.  She is smart, passionate and her energy is so uplifting.

Dr. Vanessa M.

Sera thoughtfully pushes you into action and keeps you accountable.

Dr. Martha G.

Sera is the best! She gave me such hope about the medicine I want to practice.  Her ideas and overall work are so needed.

Melanie D., NP

Sera understands the whole picture unlike anyone else I’ve met:  patient, hospital, primary care, integrative & functional medicine, finance, fundraising, marketing.  She was such an incredible asset to us.

Dr. Mary C.

Sera’s energy is a gift.  When she was onsite, her presence simply uplifted our office.

Dr. Craig M.

We loved the recommendations Sera put together: thoughtful, comprehensive, sensitive to what already existed while showcasing a clear plan on how to build moving forward.

Sandy, Primary Care Clinic Administrator