Hear the incredible life-changing experiences from our Alumni:

THE  Weekend

This event changed my life + has refocused my view of myself + what my purpose is.


This workshop not only filled my needs...it illuminated what I need.  And how to ask for it.


I am leaving better than I came - I am healing - I am not alone - in just a few days, such strong connections - I am lifted up, affirmed, encouraged, seen.


I came here not knowing what to expect, but I'm leaving filled with hope, love and the future bright before me.


This experience has been 100% brilliant.  No expectations for how to show up feeling, which is great - that played out as choice to rest, cry, walk, etc.  No pressure.  Food, timing, # of non-exhausting activities has been wonderful.

My favorite part was connecting with other women on a deep emotional + spiritual level.  It helped that we have a shared experience.

THE  Workshop


We are always looking for opportunities to provide educational lunch and learns for our Employee Wellness Program  that are fun and interesting with takeaways our staff can easily apply to their professional and personal lives.  We focus on nutrition, exercise and stress management.  Sera had the passion, information and energy to deliver just the type of presentation we were looking for.  We received several follow up emails thanking us from the staff for the tools they learned to use in their everyday life.

(Hanover Hospital)


Thank you for providing insight to a topic I have felt many doctors have ignored.


Well organized; very informative + helpful; received information that I did not know!

I appreciated getting together with other dealing with the same fears and anxieties.  I will be implementing several of these strategies going forward.



Healing U. (from home) put life into perspective, more positive, balance life, journal writing.


(It was) just amazing to chat with others who are going through the same thing & being able to say "me too."

Healing U. (from home) was intimate even though we are all over the country!


I truly enjoyed checking in with my buddy every week. Talking to somebody that understands what you are going through means the world to me.