Are you an organization that is interested in sharing the message of wellness to better the health of all those involved in your mission? 

At Healing U. we believe that taking care of each member of a group is taking care of the whole group.   At past events, we have shown that by taking our message of healing and wellness to groups, we inspire change.  While we have topics we regularly cover, Workshops can be personalized to focused on goals for participants specific needs.

Examples of Workshop Topics/Areas of Focus

  • Rest & Renewal
  • Self Care Tips to Get Through the Holidays
  • Reduce Stress & Increase Productivity
  • Learn the Healing Your Body Really Needs
  • Tips & Tools for Full Health
  • Making Healthy Changes That Stick

Examples of previous objectives include:

  • Learn how to decrease stress + anxiety to increase peace + productivity

  • Learn how simple lifestyle changes can boost your immune systems (and the most important ones to make NOW for optimal health!)

  • Learn how to thrive + bring more meaning and joy into your life

Healing U. is open to all groups looking to inspire healthy change. Previous clients have been: employers, foundations, support groups, & hospitals.

Are you interesting in exploring a Workshop with Healing U.?